Aston Martin V8 Vantage V550 / V600

‘It’s been just over ten years, yet still etched in my memory is the sound of the Vantage 600’s rear Goodyears fizzing on wet roads in third or fourth gear. It never failed to get my full attention, and I was grateful for the supercharged V8’s progressive delivery, the poise of the chassis and, in time, the gentleness and predictability with which those plump rear tyres succumbed to 600bhp and 600lb/ft.’ – John Barker, Evo magazine, June 2009.

‘Brutal’ was a word used more than once to described the fastest Aston Martin ever on its introduction in 1993, but as the Vantage had no less than 550bhp available to propel its two tons, the choice can only be judged fair comment.

After almost 20 years in production, Aston’s V8 had been updated for the 1990s as the Virage. A consummate fast tourer, the Virage left room at the top of the range for an out-and-out sports car, hence the Vantage. Although the two models appear superficially similar few panels are shared, while beneath the skin the Vantage chassis boasts the kind of extensive re-engineering required to cope with the massive increase in performance. The latter comes courtesy of a blown version of Aston’s 5,340cc V8, twin mechanically driven Eaton superchargers being preferred to turbo-charging on the grounds of superior throttle response. Quite apart from its stupendous maximum output of 550bhp, remarkable enough in itself, the engine is monstrously torquey, producing 550lb/ft at 4,000rpm, a figure that made even the mighty the Chrysler Viper V10’s 450lb/ft seem puny by way of comparison. And for those who found 550bhp insufficient, there was the Works Service-developed ‘V600’ enhancement that brought with it an additional 50 horsepower together with upgrades to the wheels, suspension, and brakes. Announced at the British Motor Show at the NEC, Birmingham in 1998, the V600 package added £43,000 to the price of the standard Vantage.

On test with Autocar magazine, a development Vantage raced to 60mph in a Ferrari 512TR-destroying 4.6 seconds, reaching the ‘ton’ just 5.5 seconds later. The standing kilometre was achieved in 23.1 seconds with the speedometer registering close to 150mph and although a true top speed figure proved unobtainable, the car was reported as having already recorded 191mph while on test in France. (Source: Bonhams)

This specific metallic gold V600 was sold at Jaguar House GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany on 13-12-1998 an first registered on 22-12-1999. The car is offered with its original owner’s manual and service book. This is one of only 30 Left Hand Drive V600’s.



KM stand24.964 km
Datum deel 1
KleurGold metallic
Aantal deuren2
BTW / marge regelingMarge

Auto Comes.

Hendrik Figeeweg 3B
2031BJ Haarlem

T: +31 (0)23 583 4748

Technische specificaties

Aantal cillinders8
Cillinderinhoud5.340 cc
Aantal PK600 pk

Opties & Accessoires

  • Centrale deurvergrendeling met afstandsbediening
  • Radio cd speler
  • Airco met elektronische regeling
  • Elektrische ramen voor
  • Lederen Dashboard